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Seth R. Silver, Ed.D.

Click the photo and learn more about the organizational consulting expert Seth R. Silver, Ed.D., founder of Silver Consulting Inc.

Seth Silver, Ph.D.

Dramatic Improvements In Your Workplace

Seth R. Silver brings a transformative energy to organizational consulting.

Seth’s human resource, line management and executive clients find he dramatically improves workforce relationships and builds trust, respect and communication.

Sample Seth in action on this YouTube video:

Stronger Teamwork. Better Performance.

His work with top management, mid-level managers and front-line employees creates synergy toward common organizational goals.

The results include:

What Clients Say:

Seth brings a common sense, practical approach to solving problems, as well as an understanding of management theory.

Listen to what his clients say about his approach:

“A great facilitator and executive coach.”

"His coaching was a life-saver for my career."

“He really understood our business.”

“He gave me the tools to look inside myself.”

“He’s brilliant as a professional . . .”

“He’s not only about theory, but real practical suggestions

— strategies and tactics.”

“Seth is very understanding, and teaches us to be the same way.”

Guiding Organizations to Positive Change

Hire Seth Silver to revitalize your company and find out how positive change can transform workplace culture.

Contact Seth Silver today: seth@SilverConsultingInc.com.

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